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Peanut Butter Dogs

October 7th, 2007 at 10:05 am

I had to laugh at my dogs today. I've been saving two near empty Skippy Peanut Butter jars (albeit plastic ones, but jars none the less) to give as a treat to my doggies. They LUV peanut butter and the drooling started as soon as they saw the jars.

As they started in on licking the jars clean, I noticed that you could really see the logo of the Skippy brand and thought it would make a great commercial for them, so I snapped a few shots. Thank goodness they were in the thrawls of licking heaven, because normally they would have followed me into the house while I got my camera, which would have ruined the shot.

Personally, I think the blue of the label goes best against the red of my Golden Retriever....what do you think? Smile