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I Saved $386!!!!

February 6th, 2007 at 07:36 pm

$386.60 to be exact! Smile I looked into changing over my car and home insurance and going with a company that is connected to my career "association". Almost better that the savings is that I was able to increase coverage on both policies for my house and cars.

I paid for the entire year's coverage with my rewards credit card and will be getting 1% back in addition. Smile Now I have to go down to my ex-insurance company and fill out a form that will reimburse me for premiums already pre-paid. I'm figuring that should be around $250 or so. Smile I should have time tomorrow to do that. The company will probably then take X amount of weeks to cut me a check, but hey, at least I'll get the $$ back.

My next big endevour is getting a retirement account or two started. I need to reduce the amount of taxable income I have. Being single with no real deductions is a killer in taxes...at least for me.

1 Responses to “I Saved $386!!!!”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Wow - that is a great savings!!! Yeah for you!!!!

    Yes, do get those retirement things going! You need to take care of you and if you get a tax savings to boot? Even better!!

    Being a teacher even if your school doesn't offer it, you could do a 403b thru TIA-CREFF (I think)!

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