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Anyone Want a Couple of Doggies?

January 4th, 2007 at 11:05 am

The part of California I live in has been blessed with some nice weather since the beginning of the year. Today, it's pouring rain. Well, my doggies decided they wanted outside and I took the opportunity to sweep the house and put on a new slip cover to the overstuffed chair I have in the living room.

Yep, you guessed it! Not only did my doggies go play in the rain, they decided to DIG in the mud. Oooo, what a mess. I had to wipe them all down, clean their paws as best I could, and toss the mud covered towel in the washer for a good soaking.

Of course, my puppy, the Golden Retriever, decided that she was good to go when it came to jumping up on the new slipcover. I had to pull her off (cuz she surely didn't want to leave that clean smell behind) and recover the chair with the old slipcover. She seems quite content now draping her head over the edge of the arm.

The other dog, the American Staffordshire Terrier, decided she wanted to romp on the couch. She has to stomp the cushions "just right" before she plops herself down.

They are a handful sometimes, but are the most loving dogs. Enjoy the pics!

4 Responses to “Anyone Want a Couple of Doggies?”

  1. fairy74 Says:

    very cute! My border collie/chow mix loves play in the dirt/mud and the day I brought home the new down comforter, before even getting the duvet cover on it, he got to it, muddy paws everywhere, it was so comfy he fell asleep and I got the cutest picture of him--we call items like that Chevy or Emma approved depending on which canine got to them first. LOL! YOur doggies look very sweetSmile

  2. fern Says:

    Very cute.

  3. moneycents Says:

    oh what cuties!!! You gotta love them! I have 2 rotti's that are the worlds biggest mushes. They love the mud as well.

  4. amber Says:


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